Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Month Appointment

I took Indra to her 2 month checkup today. She now weighs 10 pounds on the dot. There are no concerns, though they still want to X-ray her hips in a few months.

Poor baby endured one oral vaccine and three shots. Though my dread of the shots seemed worse than the actual event. She cried, it was a cry I haven't heard much before, and I knew it meant "OUCH"! But, she calmed right down as soon as I nursed her. She's been very sleepy ever since, but she usually naps around this time.

I have the tylenol on standby in case she spikes a fever, but I don't want to use it unless needed. I read the latest research regarding how it can potentially reduce the immune response, which is the point of the vaccinations. If Indra is happy and isn't running a concerning temp then I'm not worrying about it.

I'm going to try to get us to bed early tonight by doing dinner at 6, bath at 7, bed at 8. We'll see! For now, I need a snack. :)


Katie said...

Oh no! I hope she feels better soon. Shots are no fun. :(

Katie said...

Glad everything is going well.

Question---are you doing all the vaccine shots "as normal?" I've heard about parents who decide to spread the shots out more than they normally would be, but I haven't really researched that yet..